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Worm Castings Teabags

Rising Mist Worm Teabags Rising Mist worm castings "teabags" are filled with our rich organic worm castings. Steeping these teabags in water and brewing a castings tea releases the nutrients in the castings and "wakes up" the beneficial micro-organisms lying dormant.

Highly nutritious, worm castings are a perfect food for plants. Alive with microorganisms and beneficial bacteria, worm castings tea is, in essence, a living organic fertilizer.

Castings tea has properties that naturally repel insects and diseases. Plants already in difficulty will be helped by our castings tea. Spider mites have vanished after just one treatment.

Our teabags are packaged in sets of 12 and each is a perfect watering can size.

Shake from time to time during the day and you will further allow "beneficials" in the tea to "wake up." Pour into a spray bottle for applications or simply pop the bag into your watering can, add water, and shake. What could be easier? Use our castings tea as often as you like--it will never burn your plants.

Features Of Rising Mist Worm Tea:

•Organically fertilizes and repels insects and disease
•Easy! No Mess, no measuring. Just add water, shake, and spray
•Each bag can be reused several times
•A great gift idea for your gardening friends!

Package Of 12 Teabags $18.00 (includes s & h)

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