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Red Worms

Red Wiggler Worms Red Worms, known as manure worms, red wigglers, or composting red worms, are the perfect worms for the job of producing worm castings. As the worms eat, they excrete tiny pellet-sized castings, a nutrient-rich plant food that plants love.

You can add red worms to your compost pile or create a worm composting bin to recycle your kitchen waste. In a normal-sized home worm bin, red wiggler worms will create approximately 40 lbs of worm-castings-rich compost every 3 months.

Rising Mist Red Worms Will:

•Shave off, by 1/3, the time it takes to finish a compost pile they are added to
•Give you a way to recycle your garbage and cardboard/paper waste
•Create approximately 40 pounds of worm castings compost every 3 months
•Save money for you by replacing the need for store-bought organic fertilizer
•Recycle your horse, cow or sheep manure into garden compost

Worm Care Faqs

Sammy the Worm

**Worm orders are shipped on Monday or Tuesday by Priority Mail. We regret that we cannot ship our live worms outside the Continental United States. We also do not sell our small worm recycling bins without the included redworms; therefore, we cannot ship our small recycling bins outside the Continental United States.

(For worm orders over 5 pounds, please email or call us at 785.944.2215 for a quote)

Add To Cart 1/2 Pound Red Worms $25.50 (includes s & h)

Add To Cart 1 Pound Red Worms $37.50 (includes s & h)

Add To Cart 2 Pounds Red Worms $58.50 (includes s & h)

Sammy the Worm