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Worm Castings

Rising Mist Worm Castings

Worm Castings are the highest-grade of compost imaginable and a superb organic fertilizer & soil conditioner. J.I. Rodale (founder of Organic Gardening) declared, "Earthworm castings are the finest form of humus known."

Worm composting is a process whereby red worms work through rich organic material, mixing like tiny plows & consuming all available nutrients. When worms pass organic matter through their digestive tracts, essential minerals are liberated that are 97% utilizable by plants. These castings are calcified which allows the nutrients to time-release.

The resulting worm castings (worm poop) are nutrient-dense, becoming small aggregates. This results in better "houses" for beneficial bacteria than what normally occurs in composts. When castings are "brewed" into a worm tea and sprayed onto plants, the plants become disease and pest resistant because the worm tea creates an environment unfavorable to the "bad guys."

All Castings Are Not Created Equal!

Alas, much of what is sold to the public is a mixture of unfinished compost and worm castings. This is still considered a soil amendment, but does not have the nutritional value of pure castings. Rising Mist maintains the highest standards in producing our worm castings. The nutritional content of our raw material is of the highest value so our worm castings are of the best quality. We feed our worms a chemical-free mixture of shredded leaves and various manures, and our worm bedding is created from organic all-natural ingredients. Our end result is PURE organic worm castings. Our pure organic worm castings contain natural growth boosters and pest & disease resistance, which is everything a plant needs.

Benefits of Rising Mist Castings:

•Rich nutrients to your plants in a form they can use
•Natural growth stimulants
•Soil aeration, improved drainage and moisture retention
•Microbial life added-HUGELY IMPORTANT for soil health
•Mucus coated, which allows nutrients to “time release"
•Balances the pH of your soil
•Repels pests and disease
•Will not “burn” tender plantings use as much as you like


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