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Agribon Row Covers

We offer the popular Floating Row Covers and Row Cover Hoops. Using these products allows you to raise ambient nightime temperatures as much as 10 degrees F and daytime temperatures by as much as 30 degrees F.

Extend your growing season and improve productivity conveniently with Agribon™ Row Covers. Our row covers are available for virtually every situation.

Agribon Row Covers AGRIBON™ ROW COVERS

Light weight row covers provide frost protection down to 28° F for valuable, frost-sensitive perennials and sensitive vegetables. 85% light transmission.

Medium weight provides frost protection down to approximately 26° F for sensitive ornamentals. Gives overwintering protection to foliage and woody ornamentals in moderate climates. 70% light transmission.


Features Of Agribon™ Row Covers:

•Excellent frost protection - safeguards against early and late frosts
•Prolongs growing season and increases yields
•Excellent wind and insect control
•Economical and easy to use
•Captures warmth resulting in healthier plant growth

Add To Cart Light Weight AG 19 - 83" x 50' $28.00 (includes s & h)

Add To Cart Medium Weight AG 30 - 83" x 50' $33.00 (includes s & h)

Inchworm Graphic


Ingeniously designed wire hoops for use with floating rowcovers. Each hoop is twisted to create two unique loops at the top that allow for no-knot connections between hoops with twine.

Securing hoops in this manner prevents hoops from falling over, especially useful in windy conditions. Hoops are #6 galvanized steel wire.16" wide x 21" tall.

Add To Cart 10 Loop Hoops $43.00 (includes s & h)

Special Orders For Agribon™ Row Covers:
If you need large quantities, different sizes or additional weights, call us at
785.456.6725. We are distributors for the entire line of Agribon™products.