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Worm Harvesters


With our small worm harvester, you can now harvest finished castings and change the worm bedding in minutes! Our Home Worm Harvester is designed for ease in handling.

Place your worm material with worms into the front end (smaller opening) and turn slowly.The castings will fall through the harvester screen into the catcher tub, while the worms, unfinished bedding and leftover food come out the end into a waiting tray. You're done!

Features of the Rising Mist Home Worm Harvester:

Keeps your bin healthier with more frequent changes in bedding
•Worms thrive in an environment of less castings concentrations
•Worms stay happier with more frequent harvesting
•Your worm bin can quickly begin again with fresh ingredients and hungry worms

Our Home Worm harvester comes with 1/8" holes in its sifiting screen, perfect for finely sifted castings - and the small worms will not fall through the screen. Home Worm Harvester dimensions 24" L x 20" H x 14" W. The Home Worm Harvester Drum is 24" L x 12" diameter.

$119.00 (includes s & h)

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Rising Mist Organics Commercial Harvester

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Our Commercial Harvester allows you to harvest tons of worm castings and red worms easily. It operates on the same principal, with the same screening, and more importantly - with the same great results - as factory built models, and at a fraction of the cost.

With interchangeable screens, our harvester can separate out the worms for packaging, harvest castings to package & sell, and separate out any unfinished materials to be returned to your worm beds.

With the hand crank, you can expect to harvest approx. 400 lbs. worm castings per hour, or, with 2 people, up to 800 lbs. We also offer a motorized harvester which easily doubles your harvesting capacity!

Features of the Rising Mist Commercial Harvester:

•Cost can be thousands less than most commercial harvesters doing the same job
•Wood frame can be taken apart & re-assembled easily for easy transport
•Portable. Two people can handle the weight when moving from site to site
•3 adjustable harvesting heights create the best angle for the job you want the harvester to handle
•2 screens for finer sifting or coarser sifting, depending on the job
•Oak reinforced for long wear
•Easy-turn handle. Entire harvester turns easily in its cradle! One person can harvest all day without fatigue
•Metal conduit measured for optional motor attachment (a small 12 rpm motor)

Our Rising Mist Commercial Harvester (hand crank) is $1050.00 plus shipping & handling. Our Commercial Harvester with motor is $1695.00 plus shipping & handling. Each Harvester is made to order. Please allow 30-60 days for delivery. Call or email and let us start building yours today! (We require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit).

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Rising Mist Home Compost Harvester

The Home Compost Harvester comes with bigger (1/4") sifting holes allowing you to sift and bag your compost. It is easy to operate and gives you a sifted compost you can bag and sell or use in your potting soil or garden.

Like the Home Worm Harvester, our Home Compost Harvester weighs approx. 8 pounds for ease in handling and has the same dimensions.

$119.00 (includes s & h)

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