The Wacky World Of Worms And
Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer; Redworm Farm
We specialize in organic fertilizer created by red worms, called worm castings. This natural organic fertilizer and soil conditioner can be purchased in bulk, or in tea bag form, for a very simple method of nourishing and protecting your vegetable gardens and plants. Organic fertilizers balance the soil’s PH, help retain moisture, improve drainage, and aerate the soil through aggregate formation.

Plants love organic fertilizers! Along with many other trace elements and micro-nutrients, organic fertilizer made from worm castings has 5-11 times more nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, potash, and magnesium than topsoil. And unlike chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizer is safe to use at any concentration. To learn more about worm go to   castings and the differences between organic fertilizers go to our Organic Fertilizer

Benefit of Worm on soil

We Specialize In Red Worms, Organic Fertilizer, Worm Castings, Castings And Compost Harvesters, Children’s Gardening, Instructional Material & Many Other Natural Products…

Worm castings, nature’s organic fertilizer & soil conditoner, can be purchased in bulk, or–for a very simple & easy way to nourish and protect your plants–in our own handcrafted teabags.

We feature composting redworms, whose job it is to recycle waste into organic riches, and the exciting wacky worm recycling bin, which includes everything you need to start your own worm bin recycling plant.


Our Wacky World of Worms book contains information about recycling and includes complete instructions on how to create a home worm bin.

For the first time, we are very excited to offer our own worm castings harvester. This new product greatly aids the home recycler, as it dramatically reduces the time it takes to separate the castings from the worms and bedding. And, with a few minor changes by us, this harvester becomes a separator for home-cultivated compost, separating out the finished product.

Acting as both a worm harvester and a separator, our commercial harvester is excellent for much larger jobs, and is priced as much as thousands less than others available on the market.

Especially for the children-and the children at heart-we design and produce Sammy & Samantha handcrafted dolls.
As the world becomes more aware of the need to protect our planet and its natural habitat–now and for future generations–we are realizing more and more that the place to look for answers is in Mother Nature herself.

Red worm on soil

Nature–specifically the worm–does a wonderful job of cleaning up our environment by recycling the earth’s organic leavings, including the waste that man creates. Your organic choices and recycling efforts increase awareness, respect, and care for this planet and all its inhabitants.

Be Natural! Go Organic!

Organic Lawn Fertilizer; Sammy the Worm