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The Wacky World of Worms

Organic Worm Castings, produced by our Red Worms, are nature's perfect fertilizer & soil conditioner. Our worm castings can be bought in bulk, in 5, 10 or 15 lb. bags, or in our own handcrafted Compost Teabags. Using worm castings is a very simple & easy way to nourish and protect your plants.

We feature Composting Red Worms, or Red Wriggler worms, that recycle waste into organic riches. Our Worm Bins include everything you need to start your own worm bin recycling plant.

We manufacture Worm Composters and Worm Harvesters to help the home gardener become self-reliant. Our Home Worm Harvester dramatically reduces the time it takes to separate castings from worms and bedding. And with a few minor changes, our worm harvester becomes a Compost Harvester for home-cultivated compost.

Rising Mist Organic Farm manufactures a Commercial Harvester that acts as both a worm harvester and a compost harvester. It is excellent for much larger jobs and priced thousands less than others on the market.